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Helpful hints and tips for pool toys

  • Always use an age appropriate toys for your child
  • Use one which is recommended for your child's weight and height as well
  • Follow the instructions for use
  • Use floaties that have three inflatable chambers (less likely to deflate otherwise) and make sure they are a snug fit around your child's arm
  • Pool toys are just that, toys. They aren't recommended as a life saving device like a life jacket 
  • Always check them before use for any sign of wear and tear that may lead to deflation through a leak
  • Store them out of sight so they are not a temptation for you child and
  • Always supervise the use of the toys with your child
  • With regards to inflatable pools always make sure they are emptied and if they are a large one, the same Building Act rules for pool fencing applies. Read more about pool fencing here.


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