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New high tech ways to support drowning prevention

Innovation and Technology

New technology sees the development of pool safety sensors and personal alarms that work in a number of ways.  Some float on the surface of your pool and sense when the water is displaced while others use changes in water pressure when a child is in a pool to sound a warning.

The floating devices have sensors that measure the disturbance of the water and react to it, making the alarm go off. This type of alarm works in both above-ground and in-ground pools.

Other alarms mount to the deck of the swimming pool and use a sub-surface detection system to pick up on changes in water pressure, which causes the alarm to sound.

There are also personal alarms that a child wears as a bracelet and these go off when they get wet. 

Pool gate sensors can also be armed using motion sensors to detect unauthorised use and are helpful for older children who should not be using the pool.

Another breakthrough is a personal device that sounds an external alarm when the child stays underwater for a period of time. The manufacturer of the device says it is another layer of protection however all these sensors and alarms do not replace critical adult supervision however and all should be used with caution.





Innovation and technology
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