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Paddling pool ideal place for water safety

The humble paddling pool is the first place to start water safety education.

Use the pool to get your child use to the idea of being in water and having water gently splashed on their bodies. When they are more confident, trying splashing water gently on their faces.

Gently lay them down backwards in the water and let them feel like they are floating. Let them experience water in their ears and running around their head.

Introduce plastic cups and toys that hold water so your child can have some water play time.

Take your time - there is no rush. Little baby steps introducing more and more water skills as your child can handle.

Remember though your baby can drown in just centimetres of water.


Ultimately you can teach them how to kick water and other water safety skills. Check out the SplashSave, 'Swim to Survive' page for more ideas.

Take your little one to water safety classes at your local pool and also take the opportunity to reinforce what you both have learnt at home in the little paddling pool.

For your nearest swim school check here.



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