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Sitting - time for water play

Waterplay is one of the activities that gives babies joy. Sitting them up in a tub or bath and letting them play with the way is a fun way to spend a summer's day or even when they are in the bath, take some time to allow them to play in the water with their toys.

Water confidence begins from birth and using bathtime as a means to get your child familiar with water is the first step.

This can mean gently flicking water against their bodies, filling up a container and pouring it over their heads when they are a bit more confident.

Give your bub plenty of toys - they don't have to be specific water toys that are expensive - try an empty and clean icecream container, yoghurt container, plastic mugs and cups. Use a small towel as well and drape that over their backs to give them a different sensation of water.

The key is active supervision - means being in the moment with your child and ensuring that there is skin on skin contact. That you are able to grab them should they go underwater.



We're working with Plunket to reach parents, providing free bathmats to families at their Core 4 visit.

Keep baby safe with a Bathmat

The Plunket ‘water safety’ bathmat, is supported by Water Safety New Zealand. Bathmats are also delivered to whanau through iwi and Well Child Tamariki Ora providers. Bathmats are delivered to parents of infants five to seven months old. Approx 30,000 bathmats are delivered annually to whanau across the country.

Always use your Plunket Bathmat when bathing baby and be water safe.

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