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Ponds, creeks and streams prove inviting

Through little eyes, a still pond, a ragged creek lined with rocks and a cool running stream are really attractive to young eyes, and there is a strong need for them to go into the water to explore. Ponds, creeks and streams are dangerous places for children especially those under five.

With household ponds you must remember to take safety precautions such as laying a steel mesh cage underneath the top layer of water, that is strong enough to hold a child out of the water. The cage will stop the child falling into the pond and drowning.

The water is enticing to the children, but they need constant and close supervision. 

Talk to your child that they must not go near any water source without an adult nearby. Its imperative that they learn that when water is about that they must have an adult actively supervising.

If you have purchased a property with a creek or stream running through it maybe a good idea to fence it with a good quality pool fence that can withstand a child attempting to climb it.

Go to the Building Act page here to read more about the requirements of the act and how you can use the principals to fence your creek or stream.


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