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Infants should all wear a swimming nappy in a public pool, be this a disposable swimming nappy or reusable. 

Special swimming nappies don’t hold water like traditional ones which become incredibly heavy when worn in water and can weigh your child down. 

They are designed to be tight around legs and absorb the mess without swelling and becoming water-logged, so your child can happily play unhindered. 

Made with stretchy material they are comfortable for your child to wear and come with tabs that can easily let you change your child quickly when the water session ends. 

Leading brands come in small (seven to 12kg); medium (11 to 15kgs) and large (14kg plus) sizes. They cost around $2.00 a pair and come in packs of 12 usually. They can be purchased individually from the supermarket or from your local pool. 

Baby wetsuits 

Even the warmest of pools can feel cold for young babies which has led many companies to produce baby wetsuits. 

Made of light weight neoprene, some even come with a soft lining inside to protect sensitive skin. They can come in sizes 0 to three months, three to six months, six to 12 months and 12 to 24 months.  

They come as a full body suit to just tops or leggings and are ideal to protect your child from UV rays as well. 

They are also protective of sensitive skins and used over barrier or eczema creams to prevent them from rinsing off once in water. 

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