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Inside the home

Active adult supervision

Babies are most at risk inside of the home. According to statistics, babies and toddlers are most at risk of drowning in their baths or in water sources that is left out and about the home like unemptied buckets, baths and even the humble dog bowl has enough water in it to drown in.

To combat this issue constant active adult supervision at all times and within arms reach around all forms of water. It takes less than a minute for a child to drown. 

Supervise, supervise, supervise

If you are in a group decide who will be the 'active supervisor' who is in charge of watching the children. Also draw up a roster and plan for various people to take over if you are in a water environment for any length of time. 

Also, do not rely on older children to supervise younger ones in, on or around water. They don't have the concentration of an adult nor do they have the skills to judge potential hazards.

Constant active adult supervision is required at all times.

Some helpful hints

  • When using a bucket or tub immediately empty it. If you need to soak something do it out of reach of the child and make sure it has a tight-fitting lid 
  • Turn anything that can collect rainwater over and empty the paddling pool or water play vessel immediately  
  • Don't fill your dog bowl up too much. Use a smaller one and refil it often
  • Empty baths, basins and tubs immediately
  • Shut doors to bathrooms to restrict access to water sources
  • Active supervision at all times - you know your child is up to something when all is quiet. Think about what your child is doing all the time and keep an eye out for any quiet periods where they might be up to something
  • When visiting other people's homes do a scan of their environment. If they have large tubs out ask nicely if the door can be shut or it emptied. If you explain that you are being waterwise I am sure that the homeowner won't mind
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