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Using skills they learn at swim classes at your local pool, little explorers - while still needing your supervision - are becoming more independent and confident around water.

While you always need to be on hand, explorers challenge and push boundaries at the pool and around home. 

Not just content to stay close to you, little explorers are into everything and at the pool they are especially adventurous wanting to follow the older children on the rides, slides and in the deep end.

They are a bit of a handful at the pools, so it is a good idea to devote all your attention to ensuring that they are safe. This is not a passive exercise – get into the pool with your child. Go have some fun. Try and see your surroundings from your child’s perspective. Everything is big and fun but the same rules apply. Always supervise your child, never delegate the task to a child under 16 and be at the ready should they get into difficulty.

The same rules apply to being at the beach or river. If you aren’t in the water they you need to be close as hand and make sure you can rescue them quickly.

Let your child be an explorer of new things and always be on the look out for them. A moment’s inattention can be disastrous.



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